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QuickSell 2000
 POS Software

Attention Quick Sell 2000 Users

As of June 25, 2007 Microsoft is no longer supporting Quick Sell 2000 software. However, that doesn't mean it won't still operate.

There are many advantages to upgrading - greater reporting capability, more stable database (SQL) able to interface with many independent applications (such as on-line shopping), virtually no training for personnel ringing sales, and transfer of all Quick Sell data and history (in most cases). The cost of upgrading will be the full price of the new software. Single user $1190 + $214 for 1 year Microsoft Support Package.

** 3 user $3370 +$600 for 1 year Microsoft Support Package.**

** This pricing will also apply if Quick Sell 2000 ceases to operate due to a defective copy protection device (dongle).** Act now to prevent program interruptions. Click here to get a price quote.

Microsoft has discontinued the sale of Quick Sell 2000, replacing it with software called Store Operations. Support for Quick Sell 2000 will be discontinued as of June 30, 2006.

The Store Operations software was written by the developers of Quick Sell 2000. This new software package is more feature-rich and more reliable. Current owners of Quick Sell 2000 can move all of their data and history into this new program through the use of a utility inside Store Operations.

Store Operations Features

Store Operations includes any new tasks not currently available in Quick Sell 2000. It has many additional and enhanced features, which include:

  • Improved Item Detail in Manager.
  • Ability to assign security throughout Manager functions.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities. Filter, hide, sort, and group data for more relevant reports.
  • Ability to email reports and Purchase Orders.
  • Interface with shipping companies at the POS
  • Enhanced Accounts Receivable tracking and reporting.
  • Ability to manage damaged inventory and define reasons for returns at POS.
  • Interfaces with Great Planes Accounting software by Microsoft.
  • Gift Card capability.
  • Integrated credit card processing (with preferred card processors).
  • Ability to accept Debit Cards.
  • Continue to sell on all registers when your network is down.
  • Easily train cashier's familiar with Quick Sell 2000 because of similar POS functionality.
  • The software operates on an SQL platform, which allows all types of interfaces and allows an SQL knowledgeable person, access to writing unlimited reports.
  • Only buy the number of licenses you need (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.). Not the old 1-3, 4-9, etc.
  • Licensing back office computers is still free!

The best way to take a look at all of the features of the Store Operations software is to view Microsoft's on-line demo. The demo shows the software's features and provides a comparison of Microsoft's Store Operations software to other POS packages.

Upgrading to Store Operations

Upgrading to Microsoft's RMS Store Operations is typically very easy. Just purchase the RMS Store Operations software, then simply import the old Quick Sell data into the new software through an import utility inside of the new software. Imports are complete in minutes and not only give you the inventory and customer information, but all of your sales history!

Microsoft Foundation Support Plan (yearly fee)

  • Provides the user with access to the Microsoft Customer Source website with FAQs and a Knowledgebase of information. A special Newsgroup Community has been created to allow users to talk to users and get answers to issues and program usage.
  • Free program updates and hot fixes.
  • 6 free support incidences provided directly by Microsoft RMS tech support
  • Allows licensee to purchase a variety of technical support options.

Foundation Support Plan Pricing:

  • Single user $214.20 per year
  • 2 user $410.40 per year
  • 3 user $606.60 per year

Technical Support Options:

  • Per Incident
  • 5 Pack of Incidents

Need a free demo version of the Store Operations software? Request one from the Microsoft website or directly from us. If you would like a copy of the RMS users guide, to get more familiar with the features, let us know and we will email you a copy.

If you would like to purchase the software, simply give us a call or email us for a free quote.

We also offer competitive pricing on POS hardware such as cash drawers, receipt printers, barcode scanners and barcode printers.

And if you don't already transact your credit cards through your POS software, we will be happy to set you up with X-Charge, PC Charge, or IC Verify to access the processor of your choice.

Contact us to request information on your POS system needs.

(520) 325-7611
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